Does God Support War?

Does God support war? Yes and No. I’ll explain…War is a consequence of evil. When God created all things, He had good intentions for everything He had made. There was no war since all things were in perfect harmony.

But when evil was conceived in Lucifer’s heart, it gave birth to all manner of chaos. The pride that was found in Lucifer could not co-habit with the humility that was in God.

As a result, war broke out. War was inevitable because of the conflicting forces. In one way, God supports war because it helps drive evil away from His presence but at the same time war causes pain to innocent parties, which grieves God.

During the war in heaven, the devil was thrown to the earth. It was only a matter of time before men would be introduced to the concept of war.

The fallen angels infiltrated the peaceful habitation of men. Along with them came strife and chaos. As they deceived men into being proud and hating one another, war among men became inevitable.

To this day, men have differences in opinion which constantly tempts us to war against one another. God has His truth but the world rejects it. In some cases, God has to use war to get His Will done.

In the Old Testament, when Israel would turn against God, He would entice other nations to wage war against Israel in an attempt to let Israel know that they have turned away from Him.

While war was effective in turning Israel from their corruption, it proved to be inefficient in sustaining them in the fear of the Lord.

That is when God sent His Son Jesus who came to draw men to God once and for all without using war. Jesus introduced grace and truth which perfectly draws men to God while avoiding war.

Today, war is a system that the world uses to try and solve conflicts but through Jesus we have perfect peace. Jesus is the prince of peace. For anyone who is in Jesus, it doesn’t matter if the world around you is burning, you will have peace.

Take an example of Stephen who was stoned for his faith in Jesus. Though he was in a painful situation, he was at peace. Apostle Paul too experienced many hardships but he had peace within because of the assurance of life everlasting through Jesus.

Therefore, does God support war? God advocates for us to believe in His son Jesus so that we may enter His kingdom where there is perfect peace forever.

God bless you!