Does God choose our Careers?

Does God choose our careers? This is a common question that believers ask.

I have not heard many people say God called them into the careers they are in but I have heard people give credit to God when they perform well in the career they pursued.

I only remember the case of one prophet who had ventured into business until he was about thirty years old when God called him into full time ministry.

The big question is does God specify the career of every person or that of specific individuals? And if God chooses careers for us, how can we know the career God wants us to pursue?

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I’ll be answering these questions in this article to help you understand God’s will for our careers.

Does God Choose our Careers?

Understanding God’s Will for Our Careers

When God created Adam and Eve, He specified their careers. God asked Adam to name all the animals and take care of the Garden of Eden.

For Eve, God asked her to be Adam’s helper. This clearly shows us that God is concerned about the careers we venture into.

But I want you to see a bigger picture. The intention of God creating Adam and Eve was that they may fellowship with Him.

The work God gave them was a secondary reason for creating them.

This means that our careers are not the main reason why God put us here on earth. Rather, they are a way for God to teach us about Himself.

Remember when God asked the children of Israel to work for six days and rest on the seventh day? God wanted the Israelites to know the nature of God.

God Himself created for six days and rested on the seventh day. Have it at the back of your mind that our careers are only a way for God to teach us about Himself.

Our Careers and God’s Redemption Plan

When God created Adam and Eve, the main purpose was that Adam and Eve may fellowship with Him. To achieve the fellowship, God gave them careers that were to teach them more about Him.

Today, careers are still a way for God to teach us about Himself but there is a twist on the main reason why we are here on earth; God wants to redeem us.

Adam and Eve sinned against God and were driven from His presence. Ever since that time, God has been working to reconcile us with Himself.

God uses our careers as a tool to help us reconcile with Him and also help others reconcile with Him. God calls some people into full time ministry that they may teach people about Jesus.

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But some people never go to church. For such people, God has to send His servants to where those people are. This is where you see God calling some people into politics.

God sends some people into politics to reach out to politicians who do not know Him. God sends some people into finance careers to reach out to people in finance who do not know Him.

The goal of every career God assigns to someone is intended to redeem men to Himself.

God Chooses Careers for Individuals

God chooses careers for individuals. There is no doubt about that. But then it is important for you to understand that an individual can have blended careers.

God may primarily call someone to be a lawyer but he doubles up as a deacon in church. This person is both God’s lawyer to the world and an administrator to God’s children.

When God chooses a career for someone, it is not a black and white affair but rather a grey scale.

When people ask themselves whether God wants them to be lawyers or doctors, they are fixing God. God, in His word, says that whatever our hands find to do, we are to do it with all our might.

In another, scripture He says that we should work knowing that we are serving Christ and not only our earthly masters. All these scriptures tell us that the emphasis is on us working rather than the career we are into.

But of course there are careers that are outright evil and common sense tells us that venturing into such careers is sinning against God.

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Take an example of the adult industry; God will obviously not assign any of His servants to be a participant in such an industry.

For God to reach people in such industries, He may use legislators to put in place strict laws that limit the industry and forces people out of it.

God may also save someone from the industry and use that person as an ambassador against the industry.

What Career does God want for Me?

God gives us different abilities. Depending on our abilities, God will recommend us to venture into certain careers.

Most of the time, our own abilities lead us into those careers even if we don’t hear God speak to us. For example, I loved writing long before I knew God wanted me to become a blogger for Him. I also loved explaining stuff before I learned that God wanted me to explain Him to people.

Today, I have the skills of setting up and running a website, writing, convincing and many more. It was after I mastered these skills that God put in my heart a desire to explain to the world how God operates.

Follow your Passion to Know what Career God Wants for You

To know the career God wants you to venture into, you can follow your passion and make sure you use your passion to push forward God’s redemption plan.

If you are passionate about speaking to people, you can become a public speaker but you incorporate God’s word into your speech so that as much as you teach people common things, they also get to learn about Jesus.

On this blog, I rarely quote scriptures as it is done in church but still I throw in one or two scriptures in my articles.

This is my approach specifically to reach out to people who may be turned off if the article is full of scriptures. Some other Christian bloggers may pull scriptures from the Bible to appeal to people who only believe when they see the exact verse quoted from the Bible.

All in all, the most important thing is for Jesus to be glorified.

Pray about the Career God wants for you

God speaks. He can specify to you the career He wants you to venture into. If you are a prayerful person, ask God about your career.

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God may tell you directly the career He desires you to get into or He may lead you using circumstances into the career He wants for you.

The most important thing is to have the willingness to be led.

God bless you!