Does God Bless Gambling?

Does God bless gambling? Gambling is an unwise way of trying to make money. God does not approve of it. God is wise and He only approves what is wise.

In the design of God, a person can only find fulfillment from the labor of his hands. There are several ways that a person can earn money without laboring. But no matter how much money a person earns, fulfillment only comes from the labor of his hands.

The Bible states that the sleep of a laborer is sweet whether he eats little or much. Provided someone works, whether they earn money or not, they will find fulfillment.

Some people may argue that gambling is work but that doesn’t matter. The truth remains that if gambling is work, you will find fulfillment in it. If it is not work, you won’t find any fulfillment in it.

In this article, I want to answer some common questions that arise when God and gambling are mentioned.

Does God Bless Gambling?

God is silent on the issue of gambling. One of the reasons why God is silent on this matter is because gambling is a foolish thing.

Why would a wise God waste his time arguing with men about gambling? The Bible is focused on the message of salvation.

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Gambling is categorized under the scriptures that talk about work and fulfillment. God has clearly outlined what is expected of man.

The Bible says whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your heart for in the grave where you are heading to there is no knowledge nor work nor wisdom.

The primary purpose of doing work is to find fulfillment. This is why Jesus did the work of God but He didn’t make any money out of it.

This is also why charity work and volunteering exists. When you volunteer to do work, you find fulfillment. That is the proper design of God.

If you think God’s design is not wise, you can do your own foolish things.

How many people have a lot of money from the work they do but they can’t find fulfillment?

Gambling can never give fulfillment. It can earn you money but it can’t give fulfillment.

A wise person knows that there is no point of pursuing things that bring no fulfillment.

Is Gambling a Sin?

It is wrong to say gambling is a sin. Gambling may lead to sin but in itself, it is not a sin. As I have said, gambling is a foolish act.

Gambling is foolishness in that you waste your time and resources chasing after something you can never find.

For most people, gambling is a way of making money. Seeking to make money is an unwise goal. Jesus asked what it would profit a man if he gained the whole world and lost his soul.

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There are two options and everyone is forced to pick one; either to save his soul or to gain the world. Seeking to make money is seeking to gain the world. Serving will bring fulfillment to your soul.

However, these two goals are not black and white. Majority of people are both pursuing to gain the world and find fulfillment for their soul to some degree.

Gambling is heavily inclined on gaining the world; it does little in fulfilling your soul. That is why it is a foolish thing.

The Nature of Gambling demeans God

Apart from gambling being a foolish act, it demeans God. Gambling is what faithless people do. For children of God, we are expected to know the outcome of all things just as our Father in heaven knows all things.

When the prophets of God were prophesying about the coming of the messiah, they were not guessing. They were sure that God would bring a savior into the world.

Gambling and playing the lottery by nature is an act of guessing. As a child of God, living a life of guessing demeans God’s gift of faith.

If a child of God gambles, it displeases God. It also grieves God how His child does not understand the proper pattern of making money.

Though you may not end up in hell because you gamble, gambling conditions your mind to live a faithless life that may lead you to hell.

Every child of God should be confident he will go to heaven. Going to heaven should not be a gamble. But if you condition your mind to gamble, how will you ever be confident about going to heaven?

The nature of gambling and playing lotteries is harmful to your faith. Avoid it.

Making Money apart from Gambling

God’s view of money is not as straightforward as we imagine. Read this article to know God’s will concerning us having money.

Once you know God’s view of money, it will be easier for you to avoid gambling. There are many negatives of gambling that I have not mentioned in this article.

But if you are keen, you will realize that a business like forex trading is very similar to gambling. Does that mean that all businesses that are like gambling are also foolish?

Making money was never an intention of God for man. Man was designed to find sustainability from God. God has proven this point to us in different scenarios.

When God was leading the children of Israel from Egypt, He provided food for them in the wilderness for the entire period they were there.

The Israelites never planted nor harvested anything for forty years. God gave them manna and quails throughout that period.

Does God Bless Gambling? Faithlessness Today

In today’s generation, we have lost so much faith in God to the point that we can’t trust God to provide for us our daily bread. What a shame!

And if we can’t believe God to drop manna from heaven or give us a miraculous catch of fish as Jesus did for His disciples, at least we should trust His system of making money.

The early apostles of Jesus went about spreading the gospel of Christ.

Spreading the gospel of Christ is what gave them fulfillment. We don’t read anywhere that the disciples charged people for the gospel.

We only read of people giving them gifts and supporting their mission by offering help in different ways.

Likewise, our main agenda here on earth is to spread the gospel of Christ. With or without money, we can spread the gospel of Jesus.

Therefore, instead of seeking to get rich in the name of making money for God, let’s focus on speaking about Christ.

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If you can convince someone to buy a product, you can convince someone to follow Christ. There is no excuse.

Does God Bless Gambling? Conclusion

Avoid gambling; it is foolish. If you find yourself defending gambling, ask God to give you wisdom. It grieves God when we reduce ourselves to slaves of money through acts of gambling.

The proofs I have used here may not be convincing to you but I strongly urge you to grow in God beyond discussing such topics.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. We shall receive true riches in heaven which no thief can steal and no moth can destroy.