Do Not Be Deceived, A Man Reaps What He Sows [Galatians 6:7]

galatians 6:7, a amn reaps what he sowsGalatians chapter six verse seven is by far one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. It separates God from men.

It is sort of God saying ‘You’re not in my league.’ Many times, we think we can compete with God. We forget that He is far greater than us.

All the stupid things we do thinking we are being wise are just but foolishness in the eyes of God. In the end, we reap what we sow.

I commonly see people oppressing others thinking they are being great by doing so. But when payback time comes, they are left with nothing but the fruit of their stupid actions.

Wise people know that every activity they do is a seed they are planting. Jesus spoke about a good tree bearing good fruit and a bad tree bearing bad fruit.

Every action we take is a seed we are sowing. Eventually, we will have to reap. The underlying principle that differentiates the wise from the fools is the wise know they will reap what they sow but fools don’t.

A foolish person invests in pleasure for the moment. All he seeks is to find pleasure in the immediate present.

If you bring up topics of preparing for the future, a fool has no interest. Paul the apostle quoted a profound statement from Isaiah the prophet, ‘Let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die.’

This statement is what Israelites used during the days of Isaiah whenever they would be rebuked of their wickedness.

Clearly, that is a statement of fools. All they cared about was the present pleasure. Instead of investing in actions that would bear fruit for them and the generations to come, all they were thinking of was their stomachs.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived said the wise see disaster coming from a distance and take refuge but the simple keep going and are destroyed. Knowing that every action we take has a reaction is wise.

The great Isaac Newton has his famous third law drawn from this principle. He says every action has a reaction.

If you push an object, it will move if the force applied on it is greater than the resistance of the object.

I have never seen an action that does not have a reaction. And this has taught me to always strive to do what is right because I know I will eventually reap what I sow.

Some of the actions we do today will bear fruit many years to come. If we are not careful, we may be tempted to do evil since the fruit comes a long time from today.

If a young person has poor spending habits, he may not realize it since his parents are providing him with money currently.

The comfort he experiences entices him to continue with his bad spending habits. After many years of bad spending, time will come for him to reap what he has been sowing all along.

Time of reaping may begin when his parents die. The source that funded his poor spending habits disappears and it forces him to stand on his two feet.

But because he has never thought about it, life becomes hard for him. Most often, people in such situations prefer to avert the pain by looking for another comfortable place to regain their laziness.

It is not surprising to find such a person borrowing money from banks to continue funding his poor spending habits instead of dealing with them.

He doesn’t know that he is digging a deeper pit for himself. Instead of sowing a better seed, now that he has seen the fruit of the bad seed he sowed, he continues to sow bad seeds.

In the end, fools are often stuck in cycles of sowing bad seed hoping to reap good fruit. On many self-help blogs, the concept of changing yourself rather than your situations is common.

Situations around us are a result of who we are. If we change certain aspects about ourselves, our situations will change.

We are the fruit of the seeds we sow. I never knew just how deep this principle applies until one day I examined someone close to me.

He had one habit that ran all through his life. And because he had practiced it for so many years, everything reflected it.

Like many other people, the person I examined had a character of leaving projects along the way. For him, he had interest in something as long as it remained easy.

If it became hard, he would quit and go to look for an easy project to do.

After many years of living with this habit, you will almost immediately notice it when you pay him a visit.

All around him are incomplete projects. So many problems are half way solved. Unfortunately, he barely knows his problem. He thinks life is unfair for him. Poor human being!

When it was sowing time, some chose to feast. At harvest, they had nothing to harvest.  The reality of the coming famine hit them hard.

Be Aware of Sowing Time

Some may claim that life is unfair but the truth is we reap what we sow. Whether life is fair or not, everyone is a product of his own decisions.

Sowing time can be as short as you want it to be or as long as you want it to be. The assurance is that reaping time is as long as sowing time.

If you sow for two years, your reaping time will be worth the two years of sowing. You may consume all the harvest in less than two years but it is a two years harvest anyway.

Therefore, every single day of your life, remember that you are constantly sowing. At the same time, you are constantly reaping.

When God had sent a flood on earth during the days of Noah and destroyed all living things, he vowed never to destroy the earth again. In His vow, He mentions that His promise will stand as long as seed time and harvest time exist.

That shows just how profound this phenomenon of sowing and reaping is. The Bible equates it to day and night. As long as there is day, there will be night.

What causes daytime is the same thing that causes night. Therefore, sow seeds that you will be glad reaping years to come.

Do What is Right

To sum up all the sowing and reaping discussion, always seek to do what is right regardless of if you will see the fruit or not.

Don’t succumb to doing wrong things just because they feel good in the moment. Sleeping around with multiple partners is fun in the moment, but at payback time, you will regret being alive.

Job in the Bible speaks of sin being sweet in the mouth but in the end, a man has a stomach full of gravel. These are the wise old sayings. They change not.

Have you not heard it said that there is nothing new under the sun? What has been and what is are the same that will be.

A good example of someone who did right is Jesus. He made himself a servant. He served the poor and helped many in their weaknesses without asking for much in return.

In the end, God exalted Him above all created things. Now all the people he served bow at his feet.

I read a story about the early years of Facebook. It is reported that for three years, Mark focused on making Facebook a good product. He didn’t make money from it.

But after the three years of doing hard work, he is reaping over and over again. You can find countless examples of people who sowed faithfully and reaped what they deserve.

I know you may be wondering about some cases where people didn’t reap what they had sowed. I have heard of a story of a man who built his house but only spent one day in it.

It is as if he built it so that he dies in a comfortable place. But note this, because sowing and reaping are continuous actions in our lives, at the time we die, they are still happening.

At that time of death, a person is still sowing whatever he has been sowing and reaping whatever he has been reaping.

Had people known the day they die, probably they would stop sowing just before they die. But to help the generation coming after us to have a stable starting point, God made it in such a way that they reap some of the seeds we sow.

That is where the idea of inheritance comes in. Solomon the wise man said, ‘A wise man leaves an inheritance for his children.’

The Bible also says blessed are the children of a righteous man. The point here is children of the wise are born into a harvest of the wise decisions that the parents made.

Knowing that the life you choose to live will affect your children is reason enough to invest your time in sowing good seeds.

I read a blog post about how the richest people became rich. One of the ways is through inheritance.

If your parents were billionaires with multi-billion companies, you will be born a billionaire. The world may think life is not fair but that is the reward that children of a billionaire get.

The Ultimate Harvest

Beyond all the sowing and reaping we do, the ultimate harvest is that of eternity. It doesn’t matter how much you reaped while on earth if you don’t reap a good harvest for eternity.

Jesus asked his followers, ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?’ Or ‘What can a man give in exchange for his soul?’

How you spend eternity is the most important harvest in the entire universe and beyond. Love the Lord and do what pleases Him.

In the end, that is the best thing a man can do. The teacher in Ecclesiastes, after studying life, concluded that the whole duty of man is to fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

Be wise today and invest in your future by sowing the right seed today. All the best!

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