Sermon on Losing a Mother: Comforting Sermon

I hope this sermon on losing your mother will help you find comfort.

Losing a mother is painful. Finding comfort after your mother’s death is not easy. Turning to God for comfort after your mother’s death is the best option if you want to heal faster.

It is only God who can fill the gap that your mother left. Mothers are intimate people in our lives. Their love goes deep.

They are always there from the time we are born. They see us go from being infants who survive on their breast milk until we become adults who can make our own decisions.

When you lose such a person, you need some serious encouragement to move on with life.

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In this article, I want to share with you a comforting sermon to console you after the loss of your mother. God cares about your pain and is willing to offer you the comfort you need.

Sermon on Losing a Mother

God will Wipe your Tears

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Revelations 21:4

There is a lot of pain on earth. The teacher in the book of Ecclesiastes dwelt on this topic. He lamented how so much that we do here on earth is like chasing after the wind.

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Among the many issues that cause us pain, death is the worst. Both people who know God and those who don’t know Him experience the pinch of death.

Even the Son of God tested death though He eventually overcame it.

Death is an enemy to us. God has promised us that death will one day be destroyed. We will get permanent victory over death and there will be no more pain.

While death in this sense refers to the second death, which is the destruction that those who don’t believe in Jesus face, the physical death that we know is included.

In fact, Jesus told us that from the moment we believe in Him we can’t die.

The point here is that the pain of losing a mother will not last forever. One day Jesus is coming to take us to the new place He has prepared for us and there will be no death there.

In fact, there will be no memory of the painful past that we are going through here on earth.

Therefore, have hope in the new life that Jesus will usher us into. The pain you are experiencing now will be no more.

Sermon on Losing a Mother: The Wages of Sin is Death

Death was introduced in our lives when we sinned against God. According to the law of God, every soul that sins deserves death.

The death being talked about here is not only the spiritual death but the physical death too. It is possible not to taste physical death if no sin is found in you.

Jesus, the one we look up to, only died because He chose to. He said in John chapter 10 that He is the good shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.

Then He emphasized and said that no one takes away life from Him but He lays it down willfully. He then said He will pick it up again.

Jesus had no sin. Death could not take His life because it had no right. Therefore, the only way Jesus was to die was if He chose to.

And that is why on the cross He said “Into your hands I commit my Spirit” and then died.

Despite all the suffering He had gone through, He could not die.

Likewise, it is possible for us to live and not taste physical death. We have the example of Elijah who went to Heaven directly without dying.

We are told of Enoch who walked with God for three hundred years and God took him away. We also see King Hezekiah who was at the point of death but He pleaded with God and his time on earth was added.

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Death can only touch those who have sin. If you remain in Christ and Christ in you, death will have no right over your life.

God’s Love Surpasses your Late Mother’s Love

God is the author of love. All love flows from Him. Mothers are given a special grace to show love to their children.

Mothers are put in position to show the love that God has for His children. Just as mothers love their children so dearly, God too loves His children dearly.

Despite the love that your mother had for you, it is obvious that she was not perfect. Her love may have been intense but still she had some flaws.

But God’s love for you is perfect. There are no flaws in the love that God has for you.

Therefore, do not assume that the death of your mother means you will never experience the motherly love ever again.

What your mother’s death means is that you can now get the purest form of motherly love from God. All you need to do is go to God and allow Him to love you.

The love of God is best experienced when you have understanding. Many people only experience a small portion of God’s love because they have little understanding.

The more understanding you have, the greater the amount of love you can experience from God.

Therefore, as you go to God to fill the gap of love that your mother left, pray that He gives you understanding.

It is through the understanding that God gives you that you will be able to experience the love of God.

Sermon on Losing a Mother: God comforts those who Mourn

In the famous chapter of Isaiah 61, we are told that the mission of Christ included comforting those who mourn. God cares about how you feel. The state of mourning that you are in is known to God. That is why He sent His son to comfort those who mourn.

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Therefore, go to Jesus knowing that He is ready to embrace you and comfort you in your state of mourning.

When Lazarus died, Jesus visited His home and was moved when He saw Mary and the Jews who were there weeping. Jesus decided to raise Lazarus from the dead based on the compassion He had on Mary and the mourners.

For you, Jesus may not raise your mother from death but be assured that He is looking at you with tears in His eyes. He has great compassion for you.

Allow Him to embrace you. Let His warmth come over you. He is the best comforter you can ever have.

Have peace!