Does God answer prayers?

Does God Answer Prayers?

Yes, God answers prayers. There are many factors that determine how God answers a prayer. Failing to know these factors can leave you thinking God doesn’t answer prayers. For example, if you ask for the wrong thing in prayer, God may choose to remain silent. God’s silence is an answer to your prayer. The answer … Read more

Must we go to church?

Must We Go To Church?

It is not a must for us to go to church. Failing to go to church is not a sin. But going to church is recommended. Apostle Paul encouraged us not to forsake the gathering of brethren. The modern day churches are equivalent to the home fellowships that the early disciples used to have. The … Read more

Can Christians get Tattoos?

Can Christians get Tattoos?

Christians should not get tattoos. It is clear that tattoos are not necessarily sinful but they are a practice of the world. Why would a Christian follow the ways of the world? The body that God gave us is perfect without any addition. Trying to add decorations to our bodies not only wastes time we … Read more

Can Christians wear hijab?

Can Christians Wear Hijab?

Yes. Christian women can wear hijab. The type of clothing does not dictate your faith but rather it is your faith that dictates your dressing. If you firmly believe in Jesus you can wear hijab. But if wearing of hijab makes you feel you are betraying your faith in Jesus, avoid it. Definitely, different Christian … Read more

Can Christians marry non Christians?

Can Christians Marry Non Christians?

Christians can marry non-Christians. It is not a sin but it is unwise. Marriage is an intimate affair that makes two people one. If a Christian unites himself with a non-Christian, it will be harder for the Christian to practice his faith than if he married a fellow Christian. All humans are children of God … Read more

Can Christians drink wine?

Can Christians Drink Wine?

Provided Christians have mouths, they can drink wine. But drinking of wine is unwise. Drinking wine is not necessarily a sin but it leads to sin. The Bible tells us that whoever drinks wine is not wise. Naturally, drinking wine affects our reasoning. And since the law of God is in our minds, when we … Read more

Can Christians listen to secular music?

Can Christians Listen to Secular Music?

No. Christians should not listen to secular music. There is music that glorifies God, why would a Christian listen to secular music? If a Christian says he listens to secular music for entertainment purposes only, then it shows how his understanding of salvation is poor. Secular music is of the world and the Bible clearly … Read more