Is it God's will to heal everyone?

Is it God’s Will to Heal Everyone

Is it God’s Will to heal everyone? There should be no doubt about God’s will when it comes to healing us. Jesus, who is the express image of God, showed us without a doubt that God’s desire for us is that we may be healed of all diseases. Nowhere in the Bible is it documented … Read more

God's purpose for my life

What is God’s Purpose for My Life

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is not as hard as it may seem. Before you understand how God operates, you will have no clue what God wants you to do but once you understand how God operates, everything will become easy to understand. I spent several years of my life trying to figure out … Read more

God wants us to be happy

Does God Want us to Enjoy Life on Earth?

Does God want me to enjoy earthly possessions? This is one of the common questions that believers ask. In some Christian circles, earthly possessions are perceived as evil and not worth pursuing. In other fellowships, believers are encouraged to get earthly possessions with their claim being that God created earthly possessions for us. Between the … Read more