What does God say about Education

What does God say about Education?

What does God say about Education? Does God require us to go to school? What is God’s desire when it comes to attending college; must we attend college? If we are to attend college, does God have a specific course He wants me to take? Will God be grieved if I don’t attend school? There … Read more

God's purpose for the family

God’s Purpose for the Family

This is God’s purpose for the family. He purposed that every child be born in a family. Families are crucial in God’s redemption plan. But not just any family is the kind of family that God desires. There are specific rules that God set up to govern how a family should operate for it to … Read more

God's purpose for every woman

God’s Purpose for Every Woman

This is God’s Purpose for every woman… In the beginning, God created man. Later on, God created a woman for the man. When God was creating man, He gave clear instructions to him. God required man to name all the animals in the garden, till the garden and avoid eating fruit from the tree in … Read more

God wants to save everyone

God wants to Save Everyone

Why would a loving God not want to save men? God wants to save everyone. But of course there is the burning question of why can’t God save everyone? Isn’t He all powerful? Why should saving men be a desire for Him for such a long time? In this article, I want to explore this … Read more

What does God say about fathers?

What Does God say About Fathers?

What does God say about fathers? God is the author of the concept of fatherhood. It is God who ordained that children shall be born to a man and the man shall become their father. In many instances in the Bible, God gives direction on what He expects fathers to do. I will talk about … Read more

Does God want me to have a baby?

Does God Want Me to Have a Baby?

Does God want me to have a baby? God wants you to have babies. Yes! Forget about any other contrary opinions you have heard. It is God’s will for you to have children. Barrenness is a curse. There are several stories in the Bible where God opened the wombs of barren women. When God was … Read more