Can Christians Wear Hijab?

Yes. Christian women can wear hijab. The type of clothing does not dictate your faith but rather it is your faith that dictates your dressing.

If you firmly believe in Jesus you can wear hijab. But if wearing of hijab makes you feel you are betraying your faith in Jesus, avoid it.

Definitely, different Christian women will have different reasons for wearing hijab. Whatever the reason, provided it does not affect your faith in Jesus, you can wear hijab.

If you are a Christian girl attending a Muslim school and you are asked to wear hijab, you can wear it as a school uniform. Just make sure that you don’t conform to the practices that destroy your faith in Jesus.

Remember when Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were taken to Babylon, they refused to bow to Babylonian gods. Despite their refusal to bow to Babylonian gods, they were given Babylonian names.

The most important thing was their faith in the God of Israel remaining unchanged. Likewise, you may be in a situation where it is hard to avoid wearing hijab as a Christian but provided your faith in Jesus remains unchanged, there is nothing to worry about.

If other Christian women take offense when you as a Christian woman wear hijab, then it is best to avoid wearing hijab. Apostle Paul asks us not to engage in actions that will cause fellow believers to stumble.

If you are a Christian woman who believes that Christian women should not wear hijab and you find a Christian woman wearing hijab, don’t condemn her.

Once you are become a believer of Jesus, you are clothed with a robe of righteousness. The physical clothes we put on have little significance.

God requires us to keep the robe of righteousness, which He clothes us with once we believe in Jesus, clean. That is the only clothing God demands that we put on and keep clean.