Can Christians Marry Non Christians?

Christians can marry non-Christians. It is not a sin but it is unwise. Marriage is an intimate affair that makes two people one.

If a Christian unites himself with a non-Christian, it will be harder for the Christian to practice his faith than if he married a fellow Christian.

All humans are children of God and marrying any of them is not a sin. But if you marry someone that will kill your faith in Jesus, that is foolishness.

In the Old Testament, God warned the Israelites against marrying Canaanite women. God knew that if the Israelites inter-married with the Canaanite women, they would be influenced to worship Canaanite gods.

The same thing happens today; marrying someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus as the Lord and savior, is equivalent to an Old Testament Israelite marrying a Canaanite.

The marriage will quickly drain the faith of the believer.

Some Christians may argue that they can keep their faith despite marrying a non-Christian. We can’t deny it but it is highly unlikely.

The non-Christian you marry will be an easy target for the devil to use to drain your faith. Take an example of the case of Job and his wife; Job trusted God even after losing everything but his wife asked him to curse God and die.

Job didn’t give in to the persuasion of his wife but it was a temptation that could have been avoided if Job’s wife had the same faith that Job had in God.

If you are yet to get married and you are a Christian, avoid marrying a non-Christian. And if you must marry a non-Christian, evangelize to her until she converts before you marry her.

It is better to lose a lover than to lose your soul.

If you are a non-Christian and you want to marry a Christian, convert to Christianity then marry.

Don’t fall for the trap of marrying a non-believer if you are a believer. Your faith in Jesus is too precious to take such a risk.