Can Christians get Tattoos?

Christians should not get tattoos. It is clear that tattoos are not necessarily sinful but they are a practice of the world. Why would a Christian follow the ways of the world?

The body that God gave us is perfect without any addition. Trying to add decorations to our bodies not only wastes time we could use to do more relevant things for God but it also demeans God.

If you start modifying your body with cuttings and paintings, you are edging towards correcting God’s creation which makes us question if at all you believe God made your body perfect.

Jesus made it clear to us which kind of markings we need to have on our bodies. Jesus was crucified and pierced and He has those marks. The marks on Jesus’ hands, feet and on the side signify that He overcame the world.

Apostle Paul also wrote that henceforth, no one should disturb him because he bore the marks of Christ. Paul was referring to the pain he had endured for Christ.

Likewise for us, the only marks we should have are those that have been inflicted to us by the world because of the faith we have in Jesus. Those are the tattoos that Christians should have.

In fact, it is demanded that we bear those marks. We cannot resurrect with Christ unless we suffer with Him. Suffering with Christ is guaranteed to leave us with marks.

Those marks may not necessarily be physical but then we must have them to show that we are worthy of Christ.

If you have worldly tattoos, know that you are missing the point. If you want tattoos, don’t get them as the world recommends but rather take up your cross and follow Jesus; you will get all the tattoos you need.

In the end, these earthly bodies will go back to the earth where they belong. It is your soul that matters the most.