Can Christians Drink Wine?

Provided Christians have mouths, they can drink wine. But drinking of wine is unwise. Drinking wine is not necessarily a sin but it leads to sin.

The Bible tells us that whoever drinks wine is not wise. Naturally, drinking wine affects our reasoning. And since the law of God is in our minds, when we are drunk, we don’t remember it and end up sinning.

It is also clearly stated that it is not for Kings to drink wine lest they drink and forget to what has been decreed. The big problem with drinking wine is the effect it has on our minds.

We can’t serve God when we are not reasoning at full capacity. How will we watch and pray if we are drunk? How will we guard against the enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion if we are full of wine?

The Bible has made it clear that those who drink alcohol do so that they may forget their misery. That is certainly one of the main reasons why many drink alcohol.

But for Christians, when we have trouble, we are asked to go to Jesus. He asked all those who are weak and heavily laden to go to Him and He will give them rest.

If a Christian drinks alcohol as a way to relieve stress, He demeans Christ. After all, alcohol can only take your memory away from your trouble for some time but it is only Jesus who can give rest.

For Christians who claim to drink alcohol for recreation purposes only, it is recommended in the Bible that we should not be drunk with wine but be filled by the Spirit.

The recommended recreation for believers is doing Spirit filled activities and not drinking wine. If Spirit filled activities don’t bring you fulfillment, then your salvation has a problem that needs to be fixed.

Some Christians ask about drinking wine that is non-alcoholic. That is similar to asking if a non-poisonous snake is good to keep in the house. Why should you live on the edge of sin when you can live in righteousness?