A Book you Must Read if you are a College Dropout

Being a college dropout is a profession. Yes, it is not easy to bear the badge of a college dropout. When I dropped out of college, I thought people would easily forget that I dropped out and life would continue as usual but that was not the case.

A long time after I dropped out, I was still being treated as a failure. That is when I realized that dropping out of college is a lifestyle. It is a full time profession.

I’m sure you are experiencing most of the challenges I experienced after I dropped out of college.  It takes great endurance to live with the challenges of dropping out of college.

That is why I have a book recommendation that will help you master the lifestyle of being a college dropout.

There are many college dropouts who are doing well in life and you can achieve the same success if you can master the challenges that come after dropping out of college.

I Dropped out of College by Augustine Nyongesa

This is my own book that I wrote from the experience I had dropping out of college and surviving in the real world afterwards.

I grew from being a totally incapable person in the real world to starting this blog and building a lifestyle I’m proud of.

It took blood, sweat and tears to pull off this achievement. Sometimes I make mistakes but I have mastered how to live life without a college degree.

I will outline the major points that you will learn from my dramatic story of how I dropped out of college and what transpired afterwards.

1. Transitioning from College Mentality to Real World Mentality

School gives structure; it teaches students to think in a particular manner. I never knew that I had the college mentality until when I dropped out of college.

There is nothing wrong with the college mentality but it is not for everyone. For some people, not having the college mentality will make their lives much better.

Think of it this way, college students dream of getting jobs after they graduate from college. Those jobs they dream of are in companies that were started by other people.

Starting a big company requires one to have the productivity mindset which is the opposite of the college mindset.

Therefore, for the system to balance, we must have individuals who will abandon the college mindset and set up companies that will employ those who have the college mindset.

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Once I learned about this truth, I was more than motivated to pursue the productivity mindset knowing that many college graduates will need my success to have their success.

In my eBook, I have narrated how I got baptized into the productivity mindset. By copying the simple lifestyle changes I made, you will strengthen your productivity mindset and set yourself up for success.

2. Dealing with Relationships after Dropping out of College

Dropping out of college will break most of your relationships. I am sure you have already experienced this.

You must have lost most of your friends just because you disagreed on the importance of college. It happened to me many times.

At first, I thought the arguments I had with my friends about college would end just like most other arguments that we used to have. But the arguments never stopped. In fact, they got worse with time.

In the beginning, my friends would nag me to believe in the importance of having a college degree but I stood my ground. When they realized my stand was strong, they turned to labeling me with weird names.

They called me crazy, stubborn, difficult person etc. I hated the labels and I began distancing myself from them. The distance grew and our friendships died a natural death.

After losing my friends, I was back to square one; I began creating new friends who fit my new lifestyle.

The experiences I share in my book will help you see the tactics I used to get new friends after I lost my old friends. You’ll also be able to copy the techniques I used to survive when I had no friends.

After I lost most of my friends, I was all alone for some time before I got new friends. It was a difficult time for me.

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If you don’t have any close friends currently because you dropped out of college, that portion of my story will give you hope.
When I was writing that part of the story, I was almost in tears. At that time, I really needed someone to talk to.

I had so many troubles weighing me down but I couldn’t find anyone who would listen to me without passing judgment.

I wrote that portion of the book specifically for anyone who felt not heard because he dropped out of college.

3. Finding Success in Life after Dropping out of College

College is an investment. Despite being an investment, it is terrible for most people. After you drop out of college, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is making money.

In my story of how I dropped out of college, I narrate how I left college and went into the real world with no skill whatsoever. I was totally green.

It took me time to learn the ropes of making money in the real world. The lessons were painful and hard. Most people refer to those lessons as the University of Hard Knocks. Yes, those knocks are hard.

Being a college dropout, you are most likely experiencing difficulties in setting up your career. It is harder to sail the career boat when you have no degree than when you have a degree.

I wrote in an article about how you can be successful in life without a college degree. In the article, I explain how you can be successful in life even when so many options are taken away from you.

Before I ended up creating the blog you are reading right now, I had a rough time writing articles for other websites and trying out as many investments as I could think of.

The hard part in picking a career after dropping out of college is in deciding what to focus on. One day you will be heading in a specific direction and the following day you feel compelled to change direction.

If you keep skipping from one career path to another, you will never see any success.

Get tips on how to quickly find a career path and stick to it until you find success from my story. Follow the steps I used and get ahead in life.


Life after dropping out of college is complicated. Things can go horribly wrong if you are not careful. Having someone who has walked the same path before is crucial.

The book I wrote about dropping out of college is meant to help you navigate the tough route you have chosen. You may never meet me in person and befriend me but my book will pull you up whenever you feel like giving up.

Keep pushing. There is a lot to achieve in life.

All the best!