Blogging vs Copywriting: Here is my Choice after Trying Both

A blogger and a copywriter have many things in common. They both type many words per day and make good money once they master their art.

It is very common to find bloggers who are also copywriters. The difference is very small. However, for a beginner who is torn between pursuing blogging and pursuing copywriting, it may be hard to make a choice.

Having done both copywriting and blogging for a while, I will help you decide which of the two is best for you. Or at least, which one you can spend your time doing.

blogging vs copywritingSpending hours learning something only to realize it is not what you wanted is disgusting. It makes you lose motivation to start learning something else.


The definition I have for copywriting is writing content for other people. You write for other blogs and get paid for it.

In most cases, the articles you write are reviews of products and general information articles. The advantage of writing for other people is you get paid instantly.

It is not like in blogging where you strive for the first many months before you start cashing in. Another advantage of doing copywriting over blogging is you never worry whether your article will rank well on search engines or not.

All you have to do is follow the writing instructions that are given to you. In the days when I was doing copywriting, I knew a little bit of SEO.

Some clients would give me instructions that I knew were terrible for SEO. But guess what, I didn’t tell them. I just wrote according to their foolish rules.

However, it was never like that from the beginning. While starting out, I would use the SEO knowledge I had to write articles for clients even though sometimes I would go against what they recommended.

Surprisingly, the clients rejected my articles for not following instructions. That is when I resolved to ‘answering a fool according to his folly’.

Just to give you an example, one client asked me to rewrite an article that had so many grammatical errors. I guess the article had been written by someone who was not a native English speaker.

I saw that to be easy work. No researching, just rewriting. After a few minutes, I was through having written the article in the kind of English you are reading now.

Surprise! Surprise! The client rejected the work claiming I did not follow instructions. I was shocked.

He clarified that by asking for a rewrite, he wanted me to only add punctuation marks and not alter the wording.

How can you punctuate sentences that are grammatically wrong? Nonsense! I didn’t bother with that client anymore. I knew the problem was the client and not my work.

That incident brings me to one of the downsides of copywriting. In most cases, you will have to deal with stupid clients who do not understand what they want.

If you try to help them, they hate you. Doing work according to their instructions leaves you questioning your sanity. They drive you crazy.

How can you train to write articles paying thousands of dollars only to come and write grammatically wrong sentences just to please a fool? All that crap just to get paid? No, thank you!

The other disadvantage of copywriting is you have to write whether you like it or not. In blogging, you can choose to write twice a week. But in copywriting, you must write all the time if you want to earn money.


I describe blogging as writing articles according to your own will and publishing them on your website. What you are reading here is more of blogging than copywriting though the difference is small.

In blogging, you have room to pick what you will write, how you will write and how often you want to write.

The challenge with this much freedom is that it comes with much responsibility. Unlike in copywriting, in blogging you have to market your articles, know what you will write about, test and see what readers like most and handle many more issues apart from just writing.

In blogging, you only earn if people read and love your articles. Getting to that point is not easy. Ask anyone who has tried it to tell you.

Imagine writing over 50k words yet you don’t earn anything from them. There are many reasons to stop you from earning when blogging.

You may be a good writer but your website has poor aesthetics that discourage people from reading. Before you realize the reason why people don’t want to read your blog, you have already wasted a year and hundreds of dollars on paid ads.

In my years of blogging, the biggest challenge I have seen is delaying gratification. Blogging is a field that asks for all the patience you can ever get. It takes forever to get anywhere.

always remember patience paysWhen I began my first blog, I worked on it for nine months before getting my first paycheck. Before it, I had several blogs that failed at the very start.

I have written over 100 articles on my first blog but it gets less than 100 visits per day. I’m still trying to figure out the reason for that. It is hard to deal with such stats if you are not patient.

Which is Better? Blogging or Copywriting?

Having tried both, I will recommend blogging. It is hard to start and it takes a lot more investment but in the end, it gives you an easy life.

Blogging will still earn you money years after you did work. You may get lazy along the way but earnings won’t stop.

With copywriting, it is good if you want instant payments. If you don’t have patience required in blogging, go for copywriting. You will eat well but on condition that you keep working.

Be ready to pay heavily for any laxity. If you are still undecided about these two, then start learning copywriting. Once you are good enough at writing articles, you can start a blog while still writing.

That way, you can have money while working on your blog. Once it gains traction, you can then go into blogging full time.


Spending too much time deciding whether to pursue blogging or copywriting will only make matters worse for you. Jump into one as soon as you finish reading this article.

If the choice you make is wrong, you will know early enough and you will have sufficient time to correct it.

All the best!

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