Blogging is still Worth it

Creating a blog is not easy. Along the way, you question yourself multiple times if it is worth it. But once the blog begins earning money, you will love the experience.

Blogging is worth every effort and time that you put into it. Creating a blog with the intention of making money or passing a message to your audience has great benefits. You will be glad you started blogging.

There has been an evolution on the internet. The years when blogs used to dominate on the internet are gone. But blogging is still a thing.

In this article, I will walk you through three main reasons why blogging is worth it and what you need to do to start your own blog.

Reasons why Blogging is worth it

1. The passive nature of a blog

One of the most interesting aspects of a blog is its passive nature. Some blogs may require a blogger to actively work on them but majority don’t.

Once you have created content for your blog and you are getting a decent number of readers per month, you can sit back and collect paychecks on a monthly basis. That is if you created your blog with the intention to make money.

Even if your intention of creating a blog was to pass a message, once you have written articles on your blog, you can sit back and let readers find it.

Since blogs can be very passive, it makes sense to put in great effort in the beginning. Every effort you put into your blog in the early stages will be worth it later on.

Blogs have a tendency to struggle off the ground. But once they start moving, they need little input to sustain the motion.

A blog that attracts ten thousand readers a month will have a few of its readers share those articles in forums and on social media. The shared articles will bring more visitors who will in turn share them. With that kind of trend, your blog will grow month on month.

As readers of your blog increase organically, your income also increases. You will get more money making opportunities as your blog grows.

In the beginning, you may only be making money through ads. But as readers increase, you will get a few of them who may want to consult you. You can easily charge consultation fee and make extra income.

Companies may also approach you to put a link to their website on your blog. You can charge for that as well.

There is no limit to the number of opportunities to make money you get with a blog.

2. The Fulfillment you get in Blogging

Blogging can be like a boring day job that you hate yourself every day for attending. But that is if you do blogging with making money as the only aim.

If you decide to help your readers on top of making money with your blog, you will find blogging fulfilling. Once in a while you will be getting comments and emails from your readers thanking you for the information you provided.

Those comments and emails are one of the most fulfilling you will ever receive.

For you to make blogging worth it, you need to write about a topic you have passion in. The passion you have for the topic you write about will cause you to write meaningful articles that will be beneficial to your readers.

You will enjoy writing articles, get positive comments from your readers and make money. What else can you ask for?

Blogging is worth it because it is basically being paid to do what you love to do. Imagine talking about a topic you are passionate about to your best friends and they pay you for it.

There are many bloggers who quit their jobs to focus on their blogs full time. Your own blog will give you greater fulfillment compared to your day job.

Other bloggers had day jobs they loved but when they created their own blog, they loved their blog more than their day job.

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you have full control of your source of income. When readers come to your blog, you know they are there because of you. When blog readers buy products on your blog, it is a validation of your hard work.

Blogging is worth every effort and time you put into it.

3. The Stability of a blog

A blog is worth creating because of how stable it is in nature. Not only does a blog earn you a stable income on a monthly basis but it also has a long life span.

Once you create a blog and you get readers who love it, you can be sure they will keep coming back provided you keep your blog live.

There may be occurrences that may decrease the number of readers on your blog but you can be sure that you will never lose all your readers.

A blog can experience technical issues and go down for weeks but the day that it is live again, readers will come back.

If the content of your blog is good, your blog will be deeply engraved in the lives of your readers. Anytime they will want information on the topic you blog about, they will remember your blog.

Once you get your blog into the heads of your readers, you are guaranteed of loyal readers for many years to come. Those readers will buy products from you and earn you a consistent income.

Since there are many ways of making money using a blog, you can be sure that even if one stream of income goes down, you can easily set up another and continue making money.

If a company that you partnered with in an affiliate agreement ends the contract, you can sign up for an affiliate agreement with another company. Since you have traffic on your blog, you will start making the same money you were making with the previous company in a matter of days.

Blogs are stable businesses and that is what makes them worth your time and effort.


If you want to start your own blog, there are five steps that you need to follow. The five steps are simple though it may take you time to master them.

Even when mastering the five steps becomes difficult, remember that blogging is worth it. Meditate on the three reasons I have mentioned above and keep pushing.

It may take you a few years but you will eventually succeed if you don’t give up.