Benefits of Doing the Will of God

Unless you know the benefits of doing the will of God, you can easily give up. Doing the Will of God is not always fun.

In this article, I want to share with you the benefits you enjoy when you walk in God’s Will. Engrave these benefits in your heart. Use them as motivation whenever doing God’s Will becomes tough.

These benefits have always been a motivation for all people who lived according to God’s Will. Some of them lost their lives because they refused to denounce God’s Will.

Benefits of Doing the Will of God

1. Doing the Will of God gives us Peace

The first benefit of doing the will of God is peace. Peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. You cannot have peace if you don’t have the Spirit of God. You cannot know what peace is if you don’t have the Holy Spirit.

For a man to receive the Spirit of God, he must have believed in Jesus the Son of God. It is the Will of God for all men to know Jesus, believe in Him and be saved.

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For all who accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, He gives them the Holy Spirit to guide them. When those who have believed receive the Holy Spirit, they find peace.

Peace is one of the greatest benefits you get when you choose to do the Will of God. In simple terms, if you do the will of God, God fights for you. If you refuse to do God’s will, God fights you.

When God is fighting for you, there is an assurance of victory. You live life knowing that the one fighting for you can never be defeated.

You trample on snakes and scorpions without fear. Storming the camp of the enemy becomes a norm because the one who fights for you has guaranteed you victory.

If you don’t do God’s will, you live always in fear. In your mind you know God is against you. When you hear of the power that God has, instead of celebrating, you are gripped with fear.

If the one who opposes you has such great power, will you not be scared?

Your days are plagued with one terror after another. You fear every day.

Always strive to be in God’s Will so that you may enjoy peace in Him. Jesus told us that in the world there is tribulation but in Him there is peace.

He also told us that He does not give us peace as the world does. The peace that we find in doing God’s Will surpasses human understanding.

2. Benefits of Doing the Will of God: Assurance of the Future

The second benefit of doing the will of God is the assurance of the future we get from God.

We all know the famous line in the book of Jeremiah where God says He knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us and bring us to an expected end.

Well, the assurance of the future is only for those doing the Will of God. Why would God have good plans for His enemies?

If you choose to do God’s Will, you make yourself a friend of God and God secures your future.

The fear of the future is certainly great in this generation. Without God, it is hard to be confident of what is coming ahead. But when you have God, deep down you know that whatever happens, you will come out a winner.

When Jesus walked according to God’s Will, though He was crucified, on the third day, He rose from the grave. God in His perfect plan raised Jesus from the dead even though in the eyes of man it looked as if it was over.

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When you are in God’s Will, there is an assurance of a good future for you.

No matter how tough doing God’s Will gets, don’t give up.

Apostle Paul reminds us that the present suffering is not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed.

Doing God’s Will on earth is tough. The world hates God and anyone who associates with Him. But at the same time, the reward for associating with God on earth is great.

3. Doing the Will of God gives us Contentment in Life

The third benefit of doing the will of God is finding contentment in life. God made us in His image and likeness. He finds contentment in doing good. His Will is always to do good.

Since we are created in God’s image, we can only find contentment when we do good. This is why Jesus emphasized that we are to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our strength and our neighbor as ourselves.

Loving God and loving our neighbor is good. In it we find fulfillment. Loving our God and neighbor is God’s Will.

By doing God’s Will we find fulfillment in life.

Love is made up of many actions. In each situation, there is a different way of showing love. The degree of the love we show to God and to one another also varies.

When we do great acts of love, we find fulfillment. Jesus did the greatest act of love which was to lay down His life for us. From it, He found fulfillment.

Jesus confidently spoke to God just before He was crucified telling Him He was done with the assignment God had given Him.

Jesus walked in God’s Will and found contentment.

There are many instructions that God has given us in His word. We are called to serve others with our talents. If we obey God and do as He Wills, we are assured of contentment in our lives.

Therefore, with whatever you have, serve God. Know the commands of the Lord and strive to keep them.

Benefits of Doing the Will of God: Conclusion

It is only those who know the benefits of doing the Will of God who are willing to pursue it. Doing the Will of God has great benefits that the world seeks but cannot find.

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People of the world will wander all over looking for these benefits from all sources but they will only find them the day they choose to do God’s Will.

The Will of God is like a secret code that you must use to find peace, contentment and the assurance of a future.

Since only God knows the future, there is nobody else who can promise you a good future other than God.

Therefore, strive to walk in God’s Will so that you may get to enjoy all the benefits of doing the Will of God.

God bless you!