Are Bloggers Rich?

Blogging, just like other professions, has rich individuals. Though a big percentage of bloggers don’t make money, the few that make money are super rich.

Blogging is a fairly new field compared to other occupations but it boasts of a number of millionaires.

The field of blogging can take different forms. With each angle of approach, comes the opportunity to make a lot of money.

In this article, I will show you how rich some bloggers are and how they became rich.

Bloggers are Rich

Not many bloggers make sufficient money from their blogs but the few who make money are stinking rich. I am part of blogging groups and once in a while some of the bloggers in the groups open up on how much they make.

The average goal that most bloggers target is to earn $1000 per month. From a survey that was once done, it was discovered that on average it takes a blogger 15 months to get to $1000 a month in earnings.

Some bloggers grow fast and start making a few thousand dollars a month within the first few months. I once watched a blogger giving his income report. In the report, the blogger had made $4000 in that month. His blog was 12 months old.

I watched another interview where a brand new blogger made $3000 a month from his website in his sixth month of blogging.

When it comes to the time it takes for a blogger to make money, you will find all manner of variations. But majority of those who were successful were using a blogging course of some kind.

Going into blogging without any guidance will take you time before you start making money. There are many mistakes that beginner bloggers make that delay their success.

You may be saying someone who makes $1000 a month is not rich. Well, that is the industry average. On the high end of earnings, I once saw a blogger who was earning $150,000 per month.

Another blogger, who was actually a single mother, was making $170,000 per month.

The highest paycheck I have seen from a blogger so far was $350,000 in a single month. I believe everyone considers that as rich.

But remember that those are the top bloggers in the industry. The amazing thing is that most of them had been blogging for less than 10 years.

It is possible to scale a blog to make you huge money in a few years.

Fashion Bloggers are Rich

Fashion blogging is one of the fields in blogging. Fashion bloggers happen to be famous because this type of blogging requires them to showcase their fashion to their followers.

Because fashion bloggers are famous, their earnings are of great interest to their followers.

Fashion bloggers are not the richest in the industry. From my observation, finance bloggers are the richest in the industry.

The blogger I told you who made $350,000 in a month was a finance blogger. The richest fashion bloggers I have seen were in the range of $10,000 to $30,000.

Their earnings may look less compared to their finance counterparts but it happens that finance bloggers are more willing to share their income reports compared to fashion bloggers.

I am quite sure there are fashion bloggers who earn higher than the range I have mentioned but they don’t share their income reports.

Travel Bloggers are Rich

Just like fashion bloggers, travel bloggers are also rich. Travel bloggers have to showcase a big part of their life to their followers which makes them famous.

Travel blogging can be hard to get into because of the expenses one has to incur at the beginning. Even if the blogger makes a lot of money later on, it may take time for them to break even.

Travel blogging can be strenuous when you consider the constant movement that a blogger has to live with.

Most travel bloggers don’t make much money. The few that make money have huge expenses that may still leave them in losses.

Travel bloggers that are genuinely rich are those that get sponsored by airlines and hotels so that their travel and stay in hotels is free or subsidized.

But before they get to the level where they start getting free air tickets and hotel accommodation, they spend a lot of money and time.

Compared to other forms of blogging like niche blogging, travel blogging is expensive. Niche bloggers have one of the lowest costs in the industry.

Niche bloggers can spend as little as $100 a year and still make a substantial amount of money per month.

How Bloggers become Rich

Bloggers become rich through various means. The most common is by displaying ads on their blogs. Companies normally pay bloggers to put ads on their blogs.

The companies pay either bloggers a fixed fee per month or according to the number of ad clicks. On average in the industry, companies pay bloggers $25 for every 1000 visitors to the blog.

I once used to follow a blogger who was running three blogs that cumulatively got 700,000 page views per month. He was making $30,000 from the three blogs from ads alone.

Other bloggers become rich by earning commissions from products they recommend. Most Fashion bloggers use this method to make money.

A fashion blogger can buy new boots and showcase them to her customers. Then she can put a link on her blog for her followers to go buy the same boots. For each of her follower that buys the boots, she earns a commission.

Commission rates vary widely in the industry based on the product being sold and other factors. Boots that cost $50 can fetch a fashion blogger $2.50.

It may not seem much but when you consider that a fashion blogger has thousands of followers and hundreds of products, the numbers quickly rack up.

I once knew of a blogger who was making $80,000 a month just from recommending products. His average commission per product was less than $10.

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Bloggers are rich. Some show their earnings openly but most don’t. Because we can’t access all the earnings data, it is difficult to say exactly how rich bloggers are.

But from the few that have come out to show how much they earn, we can estimate how rich top bloggers are.

If you are interested in blogging, you can start with this guide.

All the best!