Am I not a Disciple of Jesus if I Hate School?

I am frustrated. I hate it! I don’t know why things should be this way. I didn’t really intend to hate school but I can’t deny the fact that I hate it.

But hating school is not the main problem. What frustrates me is the stigma associated with being a believer yet you hate school.

I love Jesus! My heart melts at the mention of the name Jesus. I love Him! A lot!

But I don’t know where the belief that a true believer of Jesus must attend school came from. My hatred for school began long before I joined college.

But I suppressed my hatred for school in the fear of being seen as a bad boy yet I was born again. Suppressing my hatred for school never made it go away.

Over time, the hate I had for school grew. At the moment, it is at an all-time high.

Though I don’t intend to start a religion that believes school is bad, I can’t say school is something I enjoy.

I am a believer. I have knowledge. I built this website that you are reading from scratch. You can also see that my writing is not of a village fool.

Attributing these skills to the boring lectures I attended will be a lie. I know that knowledge and skill are a gift from God. And yes, sometimes He uses other people to dispense the knowledge.

There is even a scripture that affirms this truth. It says ‘Iron sharpens iron’.

But at the same time, Apostle Paul candidly declared that the gospel He preached was taught to Him by no man. He said the gospel He preached was given to him as a revelation.

From this, I understand that someone can learn through teachers and tutors but learning can also be through revelation. Of which I know learning through revelation is superior to learning from tutors.

I can’t deny that I have had tutors but I made it my goal not to rely on them for longer than it was necessary.

I don’t want to stray too far from my point…

I am asking, who said that you must attend school faithfully for you to be a disciple of Jesus? Why is it expected that those who believe in Jesus should go to school?

There is nothing wrong with going to school but of course it must be said that Jesus is for all; both those who love school and those who hate it.

At the last judgment, it is clear that we shall be judged by our faith in Jesus and not whether we attended school or not.

It is therefore my appeal; if you are among those who see being a believer in Jesus and attending school as one, quit that nonsense!

Encourage the gaining of knowledge rather than going to school. Why do you want to twist the gospel of Jesus?

Claiming that attending school is important to having faith in Jesus is a lie. Believing that those who attend school have a better chance of having greater faith in Jesus than those who don’t is rubbish.

Apostle Paul was taught the law but it only made him worse. It was until he encountered Jesus that he came to the truth.

Other less learned disciples of Jesus had already believed in Jesus before Apostle Paul.

The law that Paul had learned was pointless without the revelation of Jesus.

To this day, the least person who has never stepped in a classroom has an equal chance of knowing Jesus just as does the most qualified professor.

There is no way the salvation of God can depend on man-made institutions.

The miracles that Jesus performed were meant to help us believe that He was the Son of God. Those who marveled at the simplicity of the miracles and believed in Jesus were saved.

At the end of the day, believing in Jesus is what counts.

If you are a believer and you love school and you want to pursue it, no one condemns you. If you are a believer and you hate school and want to quit, no one should condemn you.

The most important thing is that you keep your faith in Jesus unaffected by your opinion about school. It is also expected that as a believer you should be hard working to earn a living.

If you will quit school, don’t be a beggar. We are encouraged to use our hands to work so that we have something to share with our neighbors.

I don’t say this just because I hate school but rather to encourage a believer who genuinely loves God but is made to feel as if he doesn’t love God just because he is not performing well in school.

It is possible to love God and hate school. Let no one lie to you.