Advice for Single Christian Ladies

This is great advice for single christian ladies. You need these three pieces of advice to navigate the challenges of being single.

No matter how tough singleness proves to be, with these three guiding principles, you will come out successful.

I have witnessed a number of girls go from being single and miserable to having a fulfilling life just by following the three pieces of advice I’m about to share with you.

Take them seriously. They will help you greatly.

Advice for Single Christian Ladies

1. As a Single Christian Lady, Desire to get Married

It may sound obvious but as a single Christian lady, you must desire marriage. When you have the desire to get married, you will be more willing to invest your time and energy into getting married.

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I have been in Christian circles where singles are encouraged to forget about marriage. Those who advocated for single Christian girls to forget about marriage claimed that it will come at its own time.

They made it sound appealing by emphasizing on waiting on God. “God will bring you a husband at His own time,” they said.

While I don’t disagree with their advice, I must mention that it is dangerous to give such advice without clarifying conditions.

It is guaranteed you will remain single as a lady if you don’t put in the work to get married. God is the one who will give you a husband but remember Jesus asked us to ‘ask and we will receive, seek and we will find, knock and the door will be opened for us’.

James further emphasizes on the words of Jesus by saying many do not receive because they do not ask. If you don’t ask God for a husband, why should He give him to you?

I witnessed a number of single christian ladies get husbands but they were completely not concerned about marriage. It puzzled me for a while until when I realized two things:

First, the men who married those girls had asked God for wives. Since those girls were fit for the men, God asked the girls to give in to the advances of the men.

Secondly, those girls desired marriage. Even though they never actively confessed it, at the back of their minds, they knew they will have husbands somewhere in the future.

Without a desire for marriage, you can never get married. This is the first piece of advice for single christian women.

Developing a Desire for Marriage as a Single Christian Lady

To develop a desire for marriage, you need to look at marriages that are working. Marriages have different aspects. Look at each of the aspects and dwell on them.

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If you love children, find Christian couples that have children and be close to them. Watch how they enjoy their time with their kids and ask them how fulfilling it is to have children.

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The more you stay close to them, the more you will desire to have children of your own.

If possible, listen to couples’ stories of how they enjoy their time together. Some Christian circles downplay the sweetness of intimacy between couples.

Instead of admitting it is outright sweet, they will say things like ‘I bless God for my partner’. Try and get close to a couple and let them admit to you just how sweet being in bed with a born again partner feels.

If they are privileged to go for vacations, let them tell you how sweet it is to go on a vacation with someone you truly love.

The more you hear the good testimonies of marriage, the more you will desire it.

Minimize listening to messages that say marriage is hard. Though such messages are important, dwelling on them will kill your desire for marriage.

I once started listening to a teaching about marriage and the minister began by saying marriage is warfare. I shut the teaching and went to listen to a young couple that got married when they were 19 years old. They said they were not seeing the hardships of marriage that people had warned them about.

The couple at the time of making the video had been married for three years and they had two kids.

Seeing such godly testimonies is what you need as a single Christian lady. Here’s the link to the YouTube channel of the young couple.

2. As a Single Christian Lady, Develop a Strategy to Find a Husband

Getting a husband needs a strategy. Even though it is the work of the man to find you, you need a strategy that positions you in the path of a godly man.

For you as a single Christian lady, the best strategy is prayer. But praying for a husband is not as straight forward as it seems.

I’m sure you must have tried praying for a husband already. If you are yet to get a husband despite praying, don’t worry. I have written a step by step guide that walks you through praying for a husband.

The eBook has short and precise directional instructions that tell you how to pray at each stage. The eBook is an exact copy cat of what I saw several of my lady friends do.

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I have attended several of their weddings and a few others are dating.

God speaks. He can clearly tell you who to get married to. In fact, if you allow Him, He will bring you and your husband together without you moving a finger.

The eBook I wrote has all the details. Get it.

Some single Christian ladies stay single for long waiting for a husband from God but they don’t get him because they lack a strategy.

The strategy you use to get a husband will determine the nature of your marriage. The strategy you use is part of the foundation of your marriage.

That is why I strongly recommend praying to God to reveal your husband to you. If you search for a husband with your own understanding, you will have to sustain your marriage with your own understanding.

If the husband you find on your own misbehaves, it will be your responsibility to get him to behave. But if you let God bring you a husband, if he misbehaves, God will deal with him for you.

Trust God. I have seen Him lead ladies to men they never thought would make good husbands but when they accepted His leading, they realized God had led them to the husbands of their dreams.

3. Stay Consistent to Find a Husband

I know what you are reading here will hype your hopes and yes, it needs to. But your hope of getting married needs to be consistently alive.

Keeping the hopes of getting a husband alive is not easy. There will always be that voice that reminds you of how lonely you are but you must silence it.

Silence the voices that discourage you in the following ways:

The Bible tells us in Revelations that the saints overcame the Dragon by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. When you hear the testimony of other Christian ladies who were single and they got married, the voices of doubt in your mind will go silent.

Make sure you have several testimonies of Christian ladies who got married even when it seemed to take forever to encourage you during tough times.

Also, be close to married Christian ladies; they will be instrumental in keeping your marriage hopes alive.

The eBook I wrote has all the steps you need to take in order to get a husband. By having such a guide, you can always tell when you are on the right path to getting a husband.

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In case you feel discouraged, you can assure yourself that you will get a husband provided you go through all the steps outlined.

That is why it is important to have a clear strategy that you are using to get a husband. If you are on step four of finding a husband, you will know that you have three more steps to go. With such a clear roadmap, you won’t panic even when the discouraging voices try to pin you down.

Advice for Single Christian Ladies: Conclusion

Helpful advice is the one you implement. I have outlined three key pieces of advice for single christian ladies that will help you.

Make sure you heed to them for you to see the results I have promised. Remember what James wrote in the Bible that if you keep the whole law and fail to keep one commandment you will be guilty of the whole law.

Likewise, the advice I have given here will work if you pay attention to all the details.

All the best!