10 Most Irritating Things in My Life

That’s how I frown. On this day I had woken up earlier than usual.

Have you ever been annoyed to a point that you didn’t know how to react? This sweet life can sometimes become so irritating. Unfortunately, it is people close to us that cause us much of the pain.

Having suffered some common annoyances, I will share with you what pisses me off. I pray every day that I may never find myself in these situations.

Disclaimer, I am writing this article when I am angry. I may go to the extreme with some examples.

1. When People say God doesn’t Exist

I used to have tolerance for such people during my early days of salvation. But nowadays, all I do is keep quiet and walk away.

Sometimes I say if I had a gun, I would shoot them in the head so that they go to hell and know that God actually exists.

I don’t know if I am being extreme with this but that is my honest feeling.

2. When People Talk much but Take no Action

I really hate it when I talk to someone who can’t stop promising. But after their promises, they take no action at all.

Some even forget that they made promises. Being an introvert, I listen to details. Why on earth do you promise and not deliver?

If you doubt your ability to deliver what you are promising, just shut up. Many people just want others to think they are of great value but in reality they are empty tins.

3. Girls who don’t want to date you but later on they come back begging

What annoys me most about these girls is how they think of themselves. Everyone has flaws and if a man makes an effort to approach you, it doesn’t mean you are perfect.

Most of these girls over value themselves. But when no man plays their stupid games, they go back to those who once showed interest in them.

I have written an article about The Best Dating Advice I have Ever Received. In that article, I have narrated how several girls turned down my request to date them.

I hated their behavior and turned to self-improvement. But as I am becoming better each day, some of those girls are starting to show interest in me.

It is very annoying. It annoys me so much that I don’t even know how to react.

4. When People Can’t Read Subtle Language

We communicate verbally and through body expressions. What annoys me is when someone can’t read obvious signs while he is interacting with me.

I am seated working on my laptop. Someone walks in and starts telling stories. I remain buried in my work hoping that the person will see I am busy.

She even asks me questions but I don’t answer yet she keeps on talking. Honestly, will I be wrong if I slap such a person?

Writing articles takes a lot of concentration. What do you do to someone who comes to choke the flow after you have struggled to build it up?

Many times I have attended seminars where someone is giving a speech. Unfortunately, the person keeps talking past his allocated time.

People are tired and no one is listening but the stupid man is busy running his mouth. What on earth doesn’t he understand about people and their attention span?

Sometimes it is obvious people want to go for a break but you find someone denying them that break. And the person keeps talking believing that they are listening to him. I hate such stupid people!

5. When People play too safe

It is okay to care about safety but if someone doesn’t care about it as much as you do, leave them alone. I once told someone someday I will buy a superbike and get to over 200km/h.

Instead of the person encouraging me, he began telling me how dangerous that is. My dear, I already know that! Do you want me to buy a scooter that only does 40km/h just to please you? Nonsense!

I wrote an article about Why I dropped out of College. Many people who play too safe were all over me trying to tell me how horrible that decision was.

Before I made that decision, I knew it was dangerous but I decided the risk was worth it. Coming to me with their too safe mindsets really annoyed me.

Are we just going to follow the system like dumb sheep because it is safe? Let those who want to follow it follow it alone.

6. Slow Internet Connection

If you want to help people connect to the internet, do it well. If you can’t do it, don’t do it. What is hard to understand about that?

People have smashed their phones on the wall just because of slow internet. This is a big problem especially if you work online.

Sometimes I have to post an article but the internet connection is too slow. It can’t even load results for a Google search.

I remember my brother once paid $20 for internet connection for a month. To his surprise, the connection was so slow that it took about 5 minutes to open the Google search page.

Even if you are very patient, is it possible to avoid smashing your laptop with such slow internet speeds?

7. Walking Behind Someone who is Walking Slowly

If a walkway if narrow, I expect people to walk a bit fast so that they don’t obstruct people behind them. But then you find someone, walking at the pace of a bride walking down a church’s aisle on a public walk way.

You may be in a hurry but you can’t overtake the person. The situation is even worse if the person is of the opposite gender.

I have seen men who touch a woman in front of them to ask her to pave way for them but the woman accuses them man for trying to sexually assault her.

This is planet earth my guys. Anyone can accuse you of anything and if she is a woman, you are in trouble.

I find people who obstruct others on a public walkway very annoying. Sometimes it happens with drivers. One driver is driving slowly obstructing others behind him and he knows there is no space to overtake.

It is even worse if the obstructing driver is driving a cheap Japanese car that he bought on loan. Such a person deserves blows and his crappy car be thrown into a ditch.

8. When People can’t Talk About Other Topics

It is not hard to come across people who only understand one topic. While that in itself is not a big problem, the problem comes up when they try to steer every conversation into their topic.

I see it with my Christian friends. They spiritualize everything. We can’t talk about anything without them mentioning religion. Come on! We are not angels.

It is even more annoying if someone is talking about a topic you have no interest in. And this ties with point number four where people can’t read common subtle language.

It is wise to discern when someone hates the topic you are introducing. Etiquette dictates that you gently switch to a more comfortable topic.

9. Being Forgetful

This is a more personal annoyance. I hate it when I walk to the kitchen to pick something then when I reach there, I forget what I had come to pick.

I try hard to remember but my mind has completely forgotten it. Sometimes I know it is something very important but I can’t figure out what it is.

Other times, I am packing stuff just before I leave home. Deep down I know I have forgotten something but I can’t really tell what it is.

The sad thing is that I tend to remember the things I have forgotten when it is too late. Sometimes I remember when I am already far from home.

It is also common to find yourself comfortably tucked in bed then you remember you didn’t lock the door. You have to wake up, look for the key, dress up and walk in the cold to lock the door.

By the time you come back to your bed, all the sleepiness is gone. It takes you hours again to cultivate the sleepy mood. Really annoying!

10. When People Speak broken English

A wise man said ‘English is not a measure of intelligence.’ I believe people should express themselves in a language they are most comfortable with unless the person they are talking to does not understand it.

It is annoying when you have to repeatedly ask someone to explain what they mean. If English is too hard, speak French or whatever language you are comfortable with.

I also hate it when someone is so good at English that you can barely hear them. Some speak way too fast while others use heavy vocabularies. Do we need all those complications really?

Express yourself in a way that your listeners won’t struggle to pay attention.

Parting Shot

These ten issues are very annoying from my experience. If you do any of them, please don’t do them to me. I’ll figure out a good way to punish people who do any of these things to me.

If you have any suggestions about what I can do to such people, tell me in the comments below. I would also love to hear what annoys you.

Until next time, see you!

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